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After years of research and trials with his son Jack, the Maine Fire BlanketTM (originally, "FryerFighter") was born.


While it was originally intended to provide folks with a way to quickly and safely put out a stove-top fire in the home, customers began to purchase several - to put in the boat, in the RV, to put in the hunting cabin, the dorm room. 


Wherever there is cooking, there is danger of fire, and the Maine Fire BlanketTM is your first line of defense in making sure an accident doesn't turn into a tragedy.

History of Maine Fire BlanketTM


Brian Hauprich, a Lieutenant in his rural Maine volunteer fire department, was on a serious fire call - an elderly woman tried to extinguish a small, stove-top fire with a dishcloth.  She fanned the flames, caught the wallpaper on fire, and in a matter of minutes - the entire kitchen was thick with black smoke.  The fire department arrived on time to save the home and the resident, but the kitchen was a mess. 


Recalling his years as a chef in professional kitchens - the fires, the near-misses - Brian thought, "There's got to be a way to keep people safer in the kitchen."

"In a 1999 study of range fires by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, 83% of frying fires began in the first 15 minutes of cooking."


- National Fire Prevention Association, November, 2013

Maine Fire BlanketTM was created by - and the business is run by - firefighters.

We will do everything we can to make sure your experience with us is a good one.

"The Early Years", circa 2008.  Jack on the left, Brian on the right.  (Think we need a more current photo?)

Maine Fire BlanketTM

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